Could your business survive without you?

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I often get asked, ‘what is the difference between coaching and mentoring’.  Good question! 

But before I answer this, I would like to ask you a question.

‘Could your business survive without you for three to six months?’  

If the answer is no, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a good or great business or a profitable one, it just means you, the business owner is the backbone of the business. Sadly however, if we remove the backbone (maybe you won gold lotto and wanted to take six months off sailing the world J ) without providing appropriate support, we have chaos or sometimes worse.

With better news, it doesn’t have to be that way.  What it does mean though, is you haven’t tapped into all the opportunities to improve your business, your people and your processes. 

I have helped many businesses do exactly this, and I would love to help you, that’s why I offer a range of personalised mentoring and coaching services.

So, now back to the difference between coaching and mentoring.

For me, I generally mentor Business Owners.  

I don’t know your business like you do and will not confess to. 

It is always interesting however, to see how different people can perceive the same thing in a different light.   One of my many strengths is the ability to take an external view of your business.

One of the core services I provide my clients is to conduct a high line audit of their business

I am a big believer to involve your staff along the way with the review process and I am happy to help you with this process.  This way I can get a good feel for the business, and a good feel about how your staff feel about the business too.  After all, they are your most valuable asset (or should be).

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As a business owner I know how busy you can get working ‘in’ the business. This way, we can work ‘on’ the business together and get a real understanding where the opportunities exist.

By conducting a review of your business in an open and non-judgemental way, I often identify new ways to strengthen your business across multiple functions, from product development and delivery, to customer sales and service, systems and procedures to sustainability actions including contribution to the environment and your community.    

Ever been kept up at night because you have so many things running through your mind? Short term this can be okay, but long term, lack of sleep and the added pressure and stress of work and lack of progress can take its toll.   Honestly, do you think you are being your most effective self during this time... mmmm, maybe not. 

Let me help you with this!  As a business mentor I have an innate ability to draw out the important bits and help you prioritise actions, allowing you to see the end of the tunnel and reduce your stress levels.  Breathe, I’ve got your back! 

Also, I am a great sounding board to your ideas and happy to offer you guidance when requested, or when I think you might need to hear it – that’s why I’m there.  I might challenge you on your thoughts, but it is not to prove you wrong, but to ensure you have the commitment and knowledge to substantiate why you are right!   Got to love that you were right all the time!

After working with small to medium size business owners for over 30 years, I have been gained some valuable business learnings, insights and areas of best practise and I would be honoured to share these with you.

Coaching, well I keep this one short. 

I find coaching is more systematic.  I will generally coach your staff with the ‘how to do’ stuff.  From developing and conducting new systems and procedures to sales or customer service training.

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Julie Telford, Co-Owner, Red Cat Adventures, Whitsundays

"Kayleen was an absolutely dream to work with and we will be using her for other projects in the future.  I highly recommend any small business investing time with Kayleen even if it’s just an initial phone call to see if she can help."

Services offered

Regular one on one business mentoring with business owner/management 

Strategic Business Reviews

Staff training tailored to client’s individual needs 

Team Strategy, Team Building and/or Business Planning Days

I look forward to discussing your needs with you, so we can develop a personalised business solution. 

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