I am a great believer that to receive you must also give, in life and in business.


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Introducing Kayleen Allen - Managing Director, BTL Gems

Hi and welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. Allow me to share with you a little about me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my career to date and after speaking with many colleagues and friends, I think I am one of the lucky ones - but I'd also like to think it is also because of a positive attitude and mindset, a grateful heart and some hard work.

I've been fortunate to have owned and operated my own consultancy business since 2010. 

I have often said to my clients, "it is not worth building a fabulous business if it doesn't serve you, your health and your lifestyle. I've seen too many people burn themselves out, missing out on precious family time or becoming ill. Your business needs to be an asset, not a liability."

Working with hundreds of clients both within Australia and internationally has provided me with many valuable insights into business and best practice. I love to share these insights with my clients, together with the knowledge and business gems I've gained from working with small to medium businesses for over 30 years. I always have my clients back and will work alongside them to find the path to financial success and personal fulfillment.

As much as I have enjoyed my career, it doesn't mean life has always been a bed of roses.

I started my career way too long ago to honestly mention - let's just say flared leg jeans and bell sleeves were in fashion!

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After starting out as a Travel Agent, with all those wonderful travel perks you use to get ‘in the old days’, my corporate career progressed fast, allowing me the privilege to work with some amazing companies, in some challenging but rewarding positions.

Talk about challenging positions, I also faced some challenging times too.  How would you have liked to have been the Port Manager of an airline in Cairns, during Australia’s largest and longest airline dispute. We might have been an airline, but when the pilots went on strike, the planes (and passengers) were stranded.  It was certainly a tough time for all in the tourism industry at the time and taught me a lot about human behaviour – kind and not so kind.   I was excited to be quickly promoted by the airline to Victorian State Manager based in Melbourne where as a Queenslander at heart, I had to learn how to deal with the cold.

The north beckoned again, and I moved to Townsville to run the official Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for North Queensland. Enthusiastically in 1997, my team and I took out the first National Tourism Award for a Queensland RTO.

I was very excited the day I got a call from then Tourism Queensland (now Tourism Events Queensland) offering me, what I thought was to be my ultimate dream job – being the Marketing Manager, taking on the rebrand of Gold Coast, whilst also looking after two other Central Queensland destinations.

Alas, as so often happens to many, life often throws us a curve ball.  While I was in the middle of developing new creative, making television commercials and designing media campaigns, my life as I knew it at the time, can to a sudden halt.    Two tonnes of metal reversed into my body - that is a car hit me whilst I was a pedestrian. My body did not react kindly to this and I was left with a serious back injury which prevented me from working for the next 12 months.

Prolonged chronic pain followed together with a lot of learnings – learning how to overcome immersible pain.  ‘You need to learn to accept the pain’ specialists told me.  I was angry as I thought they were kidding and having me on, but needless to say, in the end, they were right.  The only way out was to actually go through it and eventually I learnt that fighting the pain often only made it worst. This has become a valuable life lesson. I learnt so much during that time, not only how to overcome or work through physical pain, but how to deal with negative thoughts and black clouds. How to overcome fear, how to develop a positive mental frame of mind, and how when life is so tough you wonder whether it is all worth it, to just take life just one day at a time.  In my darkest hours, it was just 15 minutes at a time! But those 15 minutes all added up and after many years of chronic pain, I am strong and healthy.  Part of my daily mantra is “I am fit and healthy and have no pain”.

I am a great believer that to receive you must also give, in life and in business.   For many years, I have provided my Business Mentoring services free to a range of organisations including the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) Young Mentoring Program and the Queensland Government’s Mentoring for Growth Program.  Since 2013 I have also volunteered with the Australian Red Cross as one of their Psychological First Aid Trainers and also as an Emergency Services Volunteer.

I hold credentials for business coaching, training and facilitation and am a qualified life coach and counsellor.  In 2020 I was a chapter board member of the Professional Speakers Association and a board member SKAL International, Brisbane. Prior to that I also held Board positions with companies such as Gold Coast Indy, Queensland Master Games and Mackay Tourism.

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do and am here to help those who seek assistance and support with their business and/or their life.

If you are committed to making your business the best it can be but would just like a little (or lot) of help and support, please let me know.

The best way forward is for us to have a no-obligation chat to see if we are compatible.   As a people person, I understand there are many differing personality types out there and you need to choose someone whom you feel comfortable with and inspired by.   The next step is to develop a plan of attack based on your individual business and personal needs and together we can work on making you and your business achieve the success you desire.   I’m excited, I hope you are too!

I look forward to chatting soon.

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Dominique Rizzo, Chef & TV Presenter

"Kayleen is a realist who makes things happen and gets you motivated to help yourself."